Flipping ceremonies from yawn-town to swoon-worthy.

Calling all couples who want an energising ceremony packed with creativity, laughter and a whole lotta fun. Let’s focus on you and celebrate your relationship by completely, unapologetically, you. We’ll collaborate on creating a unique ceremony, and make your guests think we’ve been friends for yonks thanks to our banter. ‘Cos that’s who you want to officiate you — someone that connects with your personality and love story. Sounds good? Right, let’s go. 

Hey, I’m Brad! Here to tie knots and ruffle feathers. 

I have the best job in the world. And it surprises me every bloody day. I never imagined being a Celebrant, but here I am! 

Being a ‘people person’ is an understatement. I like to get the party started, make people feel good about themselves and love hearing about what gets them ticking. Can I get a shakas on that anyone? 

Call it a humble brag but I’m calling it my point of difference — I excel at making someone’s life better. I’ve been a Disability Support Worker for 13 years, and whether it’s pouring them a cuppa & asking them about their day, assisting someone with groceries, offering guidance through adversity… I make sure that person feels like their future is bright, and is worth love. 

Some from one industry to another, I’ve taken the tools, skills and passion and turned it into this: The Colourful Celebrant. 

Witnessing and officiating two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together is the greatest privilege. And offering a little (big) somethin’ different to their wedding is an awesome bonus. Expect some big laughs and a whole lotta fun.  

Let’s tie some knots and ruffle feathers, we got a wedding throw! 

- Brad

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What you can expect when you work with me:

Wholeheartedly present in creating your ceremony memorable and reflects YOU 

Let's do this!

A ceremony that keeps everyone on their toes and in great spirit (with big laughs)

Creativity and a whole lotta fun, there is nothing beige here.  

  • My collection of vintage band-shirts and vinyl is unmatched 
  • My house-style in the fashion department is quirky yet retro 
  • Wildcard: American sports and The Office (US) is my jam


Random Brad-facts: 

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