G’day you two lovebirds!

I see you over there! My name’s Brad. I’m 6’5″. Love a good party shirt & throwin’ a few shakas a day, to keep the bad vibes away!

Have you ever watched The Wedding Singer & thought “Wow, that Robbie Hart is an absolute dreamboat!”
Yeah, me neither.

Have you ever enjoyed a religious ceremony?
Yeah, me neither.

If you’re looking for a vivacious celebrant. That’s me!

If you’re looking for a cheerful celebrant who can make your ceremony extra personal with a touch of sentimentalism, plenty of laughs, telling everyone all about your love story & guest interactions… That’s me!

The reason why I ask if you’ve ever really enjoyed a religious, or, traditional ceremony, is because ALOT of couples don’t realise that their Celebrant can actually create a ceremony EXACTLY how YOU want it to be – unfortunately, we can’t tell you who not to invite, that’s on you!

However, what we can do, is give you a bloody good ceremony! Everybody has their own wants & needs to be met (keep your mind outta the gutter ya jive turkeys!) which is where I come in and add some pizzazz, plenty of laughs, guest interaction, a love story that encapsulates you two cheeky buggers – cool huh?

Know what else is cool?

A Celebrant that thinks outside the box, which is also me!

Here’s an example, I recently married two absolute sweethearts, who were deadset, Liverpool Football Club’s BIGGEST fans, so I decided that I’d surprise the groom (with permission from the bride) wearing the home kit (jersey, shorts, socks, boots & all) throughout the reception as their MC. Let’s just say, the entrance song “Ole’, Ole’, Ole’” had everyone up out of their seats chanting, whilst my legs were colder than a brass toilet seat in Kosciusko National Park in the middle of winter. Anyways, you get the point!


One more radical thing to excite you even more, you don’t actually HAVE to offload the duties of MC to a family member or your mate who couldn’t be part of your wedding party, to be your MC during the reception – let’s be honest, they’re probably more focused on partying with you and might say something awkward after a few Victor Bravos, so keep in mind too, I’m also an MC.

If you’ve read this far and not yet convinced, feel free to lurk my socials and suss the testimonials on the website, or come & have a few sneaky ones at your fav watering hole with me & make your decision naturally.


Brad Vincent

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