Rufflin' Feathers

Elopement – intransitive verb A.K.A to ruffle the feathers A.K.A an intimate ceremony where only your nearest & dearest, your Myspace Top 8, your VIP A-List that you just couldn’t NOT have come & celebrate in a secret location, unplugged, exactly how you envision from your Pinterest Board.

If you feel like throwin’ some shakas in the mix and throwin’ a cheeky party afterwards, then look, I ain’t going to stop you, but what I WILL do, is make a damn good (flamin’gooooood) ceremony that’s as personal your most recent electricity bill, with more fireworks than a New Years Eve celebration.


Ceremony – noun A.K.A tyin’ the knot A.K.A the best damn love story created, celebrated & personalised exactly how YOU have always dreamed.

There will be a mixture of sentimentalism, laughs (actually A LOT of laughs), guest interaction, cheers, tears & more laughs.

This is what you’ve always wanted, someone to retell the stories, the memories, the bloopers, the reason why YOU want to marry the one in front of you.

It’s a celebration that should be an experience, like the days you’re in school where your teacher would read you a story and all you want to do is hear it again & again, by someone who brings character, emotion & humor into that story.

That story is the story between you & your forever person.


Master of Ceremonies – noun phrase A.K.A a person who is capable of the ol’ “Break the Ice” trick for a room full of excited, loved up, at times socially awkward with the person sitting next to them they have no idea of, people ready to throw a few shots of tequila and loosed up on some Victor Bravos and the best damn bottle of bubbles this side of the Hunter Valley.

When the ice has broken, usually within 5 minutes (give or take), everyone in the room interacts, no longer socially awkward, very ready to hit that dance floor faster than you can say “Play Horses” to the DJ dropping the heat behind the decks.

That’s what it’s about. Take it or leave it.

The MC gig is a crowd favourite and thinking outside the box is what you want out of an M.C and that’s what I am ALL about.

My body is ready. The shakas are waiting.